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A little more about me and my work, and how I can help to bring your imagination to life


There is nothing quite like looking out to sea and watching the sun sink below the horizon – those fleeting moments of magic which are as unique and changeable as the waves and clouds.

Capturing sunsets is challenging, but when everything comes together; the location, the weather, and the timing, the results are spectacular, and this is why I love what I do.

Producing gorgeous prints from the images is the icing on the cake. There is a depth and quality in fine art prints which cannot be appreciated on a screen, but don’t take my word for it – click here to visit the shop, and see for yourself.


Ilove to immerse myself in the challenges which each genre of photography brings. One day I might be hiking with a pack full of gear and looking for that perfect location. Another day I’ll be working in my tent on a commercial shoot, and striving for technical perfection. Or, I might be with a client and creating an exquisite portrait for them to treasure forever.


I understand that choosing a photographer for any project can be daunting and overwhelming. You need someone with skill and ability, but essential qualities like creativity, artistry and imagination can be harder to assess. It’s so important that you find a professional who shares your vision and your uncompromising standards, and who will listen to your ideas with an open mind.


Much of my commercial photography involves valuable custom guitars, so I developed my own system for supporting and positioning them. My special support does not damage the insrument at all, and allows it to be positioned securely at any angle.


My studio is completely mobile and all lighting is battery powered. This makes studio quality location shoots entirely possible. I also have a large dark tent which helps to control reflections and ambient light. This is invaluable when shooting products with highly polished or reflective surfaces. The tent can be set up almost anywhere in only a few minutes, so the perfect shot is never out of reach.

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Whatever your requirements or budget, drop me a message to discuss your next project. I look forward to hearing from you.

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